Lesson 2: Powerless

In this lesson I begin to admit I am in fact powerless over my addictions and continue to work on principal one and step one.


Only If









Write About It …

1. List some ways pride has stopped you from asking for and getting the help you need to overcome your hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

* My pride was keeping me from feeling my emotions. I had this thought process of “You wont break me, I refuse to cry!” I saw crying as something that meant something was wrong and nothing was wrong in my world.


2. What in your past has caused you to have the “if onlys”?

* “If only” I had stopped stuffing my feelings years ago!

* “If only” __________ hadn’t left me!

~ If only I had waited longer before I had married Brett.
~ If only I had listened to my grandmothers advice “give it time” she said.
~ If only I had stopped running form love and acceptance and instead accepted it.
~ If only I had listened to my gut feelings about the whole marriage the first time.
~ If only I had paid attention to all the warning signs of his sex addictions.


3. Instead of worrying about the things that we cannot control, we need to focus on what God can do in our lives. What are you worrying about?

* I have learned that worrying over things outside of my control just causes more stress and that its not going to do me any good so I just try my best to not worry so much!


4. In what ways have you tried to escape your past pain? Be Specific!

* I am no longer trying to escape my past pain. I know this sounds like the “proper answer” but I do realize I am powerless and I have started to learn to feel my emotions and pain and not try to run from it.


5. How has holding on to your anger and your resentments affected you?

* It makes it harder to get along with me because I am always grumpy. It caused me more stress than I need to be dealing with.


6. Do you believe loneliness is a choice? Why or Why not? How has your denial isolated you from your important relationships?

* Yes, loneliness is a choice. I am responsible for myself and my actions. If I don’t reach out to others that’s a choice I make and therefore makes me lonely. Denial caused me shut off all my emotions around those that were and are important to me, like family and friends.


7. Describe the emptiness you feel and some new ways you are finding to fill it!



8. Selfishness is at the heart of most problems between people. In what areas of your life have you been selfish?


Separation from God can feel very real, but it is never permanent. What can you do to get closer to God?



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