Sick of People & Their Selfishness!!!

I am so tired of being every ones “bitching post.” As if I don’t have enough stress in my life without adding your BS. Don’t answer the phone when I call with “What do you want?” in a pissy tone cause you are having a bad day …

I don’t really care about your bad day right now … I am stuck in my bed or in my chair 95% of my life right now because I am pregnant and high risk. How would you feel if you had answered that way and your grandson was born too early and had just died or was very likely to not make it or what if it was Matt calling to tell you I was just killed in a crash … huh!!! How the would you feel then …

What about respect … Does it not exist for me … Am I not good enough for you to respect me … You have one daughter doing drugs and being stupid with her life and her money … You bail her out … You have another one who is sitting in an abusive relationship and you somehow have time to talk to her when she has a bad day but when it comes to me asking for help I get “I don’t have it!”

You spent $700 two days later knowing I needed to barrow money … I even offered to pay back $150 and it was for like 2 weeks … Just until we got paid … What about your youngest … Doesn’t she get help too?!?!?! That’s fine I don’t need you … I have lots of people in my life that are there for me when I need them.


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