Today Sucked

What an awful day!!! My phone vibrates at 8:30am waking me from my dozing in and out to my mother freaking out over Idaho child custody laws. Apparently my sisters ex-boyfriend took their child stating that he now had full custody with papers from the court. I spent the morning doing research only to find out that the papers the guy gave my sister were 100% legal. He basically did it so she couldn’t leave the state with their son as she threatened to do.

Anyway as if that wasn’t bad enough around 12:30 I started to have more cramping and contraction style tightening and with any contractions that were extremely tight I couldn’t breathe very well. I drank some water thinking that maybe I was dehydrated a little bit but when that didn’t help I called the Dr.’s office. They were at lunch so I was about to leave a message but as I described what was going on to the answering service lady she connected me to the doctors nurse, who told me to go to the hospital.

I got to the L & D unit around 2pm and signed in. I sat down and waited for a few minutes when a really strong contraction started I walked back up to the desk and got the nurses attention, plus I had to pee like crazy. She let me back, gave me a cup and a gown to change into. I got changed and gave her the sample and she told me what bed I was being assigned to so I went and laid down. The nurse came in and hooked up all the monitors and did all the normal “health questions.” I told her what was going on and she went to call my doctor. He ordered up to three shots of terbutaline and IV fluids. The nurse gave me the first shot and waited to see if it made a difference. It helped but not enough to stop all the contracting, so she gave me the second shot. (Ouch by the way they burn really bad.) We sat and talked for a few minutes waiting for the shot to do its magic but when she asked me how I felt I told her honestly that I was still hurting, so she gave me the third shot. It gave me some relief finally … or so I thought.

The nurse asked me what I wanted to do and I told her whatever the doctor thinks is best for both me and the baby. So she went to call the doctor to find out what he wanted to do, keep me in overnight or send me home. As I lay there this horrible pain started up, in my right side, it just kept getting worse and worse until I was in tears. Matt went to get the nurse and told her I was in extreme pain. She came in and I could barely tell her what was wrong I was hurting so bad. She had a couple tests she had to do so I had to try to suck it up long enough to let her do the tests. They did one to see if all the contracting made any changes and another that is able to tell if you are likely to go into labor within the next couple weeks. I hadn’t made any significant changes and the other test was negative, talk about a relief, but I was still in serious pain. The doctor came to the hospital to see me and then decided to order a couple ultrasounds to make sure I didn’t need surgery for my appendix or have kidney stones. He also ordered demerol for the pain. The nurse gave me the meds and that killed off the pain. I basically slept through the ultrasound and waited until the nurse came back to tell me what was next. The ultrasound was clear so no need for surgery or pills. YAY!!! Around 10pm I was finally discharged, thankfully the meds had worn off so I drove us home. Matt made dinner since we hadn’t even eaten lunch, and then we went to bed. I spent most of the next day sleeping and doing much of nothing but wearing off the last of the effects of the meds.


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