My Crazy Cat

For the last few days my sweet cat has been pulling things off my bedside table. I have a few “nail care” items there and she plays with them. I guess this is her way of saying “play with me!” I find it funny that she comes down the hall with something in her mouth meowing for attention!!!

The only thing that concerns me is that last night she got a hold of my daily pill reminder, the thing I put my pills in that helps me remember if I took them or not, and she also got a tube of neosporin off my table by my chair. These two things are definitely harmful to her and I don’t know how to stop her from playing with these types of things. I guess putting them away would help but if I put my pill reminder in a cabinet I will never remember to take them. I think I need a different table by my chair, one with a drawer to put things like that into and maybe put a laminated list of whats in the drawer on top of the table. We are going to be getting new furniture soon anyway so I will make sure to talk to Matt about this idea!!!


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