Bedrest & A Baby That Won’t Wait

I had a doctors appointment today and was hoping to be taken off bedrest but no such luck. I know it’s selfish of me to be upset but I am still upset. I am being selfish and grumpy over it and that is just the way it is!!!

Okay … so let me back up a bit!

I called the doctor at about 3:45pm yesterday and was sent to the hospital for the second time this week. I was having sharp pain in my cervix and lots of crampy contraction feelings. I decided that I should eat before we go and M had already started to make me some mac & cheese so we ate first, then left for the hospital.

I get there, get checked in, put on the monitors and after being watched for about 30 minutes, once again I was given Terbutaline and Procardia. (one is a shot and the other a pill.) The nurse was a sweet lady and I liked her. She explained a few things that other nurses and even my Dr had not explained before. Sure they all told me about “Round Ligament” pain but never tried to explain it. I had no idea where this ligament was or what its function was. Most women who have been pregnant know how it feels but not everyone.

I didn’t really experience any pain with my oldest. I did have some complications with him at around 28-30 weeks with contractions but that was stopped easily. (I had gotten an infection that causes them.)  The only reason he was born early was because my water broke. Then I had his brother only a year later, (they are 12m 3w apart) so my body had not fully healed but I had lots of complications with him. Crampy contractions and such a few times but nothing like this lil guy.

Anyway, I go to the Dr today since it was my appointment anyway,  at the hospital yesterday, he decided not to put me on meds but to put me on 100% Bed-rest and pelvic rest. In other words, in bed unless I have to use the restroom. No getting my own stuff or helping around the house. I hate this … I am not a sit around type of person. So my appointment was at 11 and at about 11:40 his nurse comes in to tell me “I’m sorry we are gonna have to reschedule your appointment for next week, the Dr. had to leave for a delivery.”

So, I’m pouting now …


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