Loss Of A Loved One

Pastor Steve, Donna, Miranda, Mom, Me, David, Jorin & Xander

Last night my home town church lost a very dear pastor and friend. Instead of focusing on how it happened I wanted to share some of my memories of him.

I remember one Sunday as he was preaching and he was so fired up for God, as he always was, that he was jumping over pews.

I remember how he used to dance and sing during praise and worship. I can just imagine how happy he is to be home with our Heavenly Father.

I remember the times that he was filled with the Holy Spirit, the way he would just let Him take over.

One of his favorite sayings was “Am I stepping on any ones toes yet?” During an especially convicting message.

I remember all the love he had for even just one person in the congregation. I remember his smile and the way he used to have just one more hug for everyone.

I remember the day he dedicated my two oldest boys, Jorin and Xander, to the Lord. He even found a way to include some traditional Jewish stuff to honor their dads beliefs.


One thought on “Loss Of A Loved One

  1. Pastor Steve will be very greatly missed! He was truly a one of a kind pastor. He could reach even the hardest of souls. Pastor Steve was the only pastor to ever have been able to reach me as a kid and even now! He had such a unique way about him and was very passionate about his job. As a kid he showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just got to believe and reach for it! So thank you Pastor Steve for making a difference in my life!

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