Dairy Free Week

Because of how Gavins diapers are doing, I did some research on lactose intolerance I have decided to take one week away from major dairy substances like milk & cheese. This is obviously not going to be easy seeing as most everything I am used to eating has milk or cheese in it. Cereal for breakfast, cheeses on dinners, milk in some dishes that I cook fairly regularly. I took a few minutes to look at everything we eat on a normal basis and found a few dishes that we can have that don’t require milk or cheese in the preparation.

I went shopping last night, grabbing a few milk free items that I could use for breakfasts and desserts and orange juice to replace my milk in the morning. I made Blueberry Muffin Bread for my breakfasts and Carrot Cake with milk free Cream Cheese Frosting from Pillsbury© for dessert. Then I sat down and planned out the meals for the week. I kept cheese out of everything except for Saturday and then made the grocery list for the week. I need to go to the store today to finish getting the stuff on the grocery list that I made this morning.


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