A Tough But Right Decision

To add or not to add formula … that was my question.

I have been thinking about this decision for a long time and I think I have finally come to the right conclusion. I am going to change Gavin to formula during the day and continue to nurse at night. He doesn’t seem to be getting enough during the day no matter how often I feed him or how much I drink. He also seems to be happier with formula during the day and nurses best at night.

This method will continue to give him the benefits of nursing but also fill him up better during the day. Of course I will nurse him on days that he doesn’t feel well. This also gives the added convenience of “Daddy & Gavin bonding time” and will make feedings easier when at recovery or out and about especially when he learns to hold his own bottle.

I have put in a call to the doctor to see what Similac formula he recommends, since WIC doesn’t supply Enfamil, as a supplement to nursing. I want this to be an easy transition for him.

When I had my older boys, Jorin and Xander, I had just had an abortion a year prior. I honestly felt when I went through SaveOne that I was trying to replace my daughter, Karen, with the boys. It was important for me to nurse and when they told me Jorin was not able to nurse and needed Soy Formula it caused me a lot of depression. With Xander I nursed exclusively for 9 months but it put me through more PPD than I really needed to suffer with because it always seemed like he was never full. I seem to be having this same issue with Gavin recently and while my PPD is being treated I seem to be depressed more and more because of his fussing. I am confident I am making the right decision for him and the whole family.


One thought on “A Tough But Right Decision

  1. Good for you! I like the arrangement you've decided on. And I definitely feel that if Mommy isn't happy it is much harder for her to take care of Baby properly. I'm glad you could find a solution that benefits both of you.


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