WIC Said Wait

So I posted the other day about switching to half formula and half nursing but the lactation lady at WIC said she wanted me to try pumping and feeding him breast milk in a bottle since he seems to be pushing away the breast during the day. She lent me an electric breast pump to make this easier than the manual I have. She said it would make it faster and would pull more of the hind milk out of the right side. I seem to have a serious imbalance, the left gives more hind-milk and the right gives more fore-milk.

I have to work on drinking more but I already feel like I drink too much. I guess I’ll have to give it a decent try. I have a class to go to at WIC on the 19th so if I still want to put him on formula part-time then all I have to do is take the pump back and ask for the formula to be added to my benefits. I am going to give it a valiant effort starting today since all the holiday activities are over and I will be home more than not.


2 thoughts on “WIC Said Wait

  1. I didn't realize that you didn't have an electric pump! No wonder you were having such a hard time. Electric pumps are lifesavers. I hope it helps as much as the WIC lady said, and as much as I think it will.



  2. Electric pumps are extremely expensive. Yeah its been tough with a manual but we made it this far and that's basically the reason she doesn't want me to give up. I have made it 9 months before and that would have been longer if my supply didn't give up on me. She also said that me getting my tubes tied had an effect on my supply but that we should be able to get it back if we are diligent about it!!!



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