Busy Day … I’m Exhausted

So this morning I posted a post about all the things I wanted to get done today only to find out that Matt had other ideas about the day. He needed to go to Social Security to get a letter for the D.A. concerning Child Support and I needed to apply for Gavin’s Social Security Card. Come to find out the little blue card they gave me at the hospital is NOT proof of birth in the least. I had to scrape up $20 to go get his birth certificate from the other side of town. One quick pit stop on the way there to order Matt’s medications and we were off again.

Since we were on the east side of town we stopped by the D.A.’s office to drop off the letter Matt got at Social Security. While we were there I found out that I could apply for child support so I went ahead and filled out all the paperwork. Then I went to welfare to apply for TANF. This is something I have been meaning to do but haven’t because I avoid that particular corner of the city. It’s the same welfare office I had to surrender my older two boys at back in November 2008 so it’s painful to be anywhere near there.

Around 2 pm Gavin had enough for the day and needed a nap so I dropped him and Matt off at home so he could get one. I stopped off to pick up Matt’s medication and went back to the social security to get Gavin’s social security card ordered. I sat there for a good hour before they finally called my number. Unfortunately, I come home to a baby who still hasn’t taken a nap because the people upstairs are making so much noise replacing their ceramic tiles that he couldn’t stay asleep more than 20 minutes before the noise would wake him up again.

Ohh … I forgot to mention I did all this on 3 hours of sleep and nothing to eat or drink, besides about 10 cookies in the car, since 5 am.


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