All Is Right Again…

I woke about 1am to the beeping sound of my baby monitor telling me the base was off. The power had gone out 3-5 minutes earlier. It was dark in the house and in light of the robbery and then someone stealing stuff from my truck about a week ago I haven’t been feeling too safe where we live. (We will be moving!!!) It wasn’t long until the power kicked back on so I very slowly made my way down the hall to Gavin’s room, all the while freaking out, to find all was in order. I turned the baby monitor back on and came back to bed.
A few minutes later, just as I was getting back to sleep something fell somewhere in the house and I jumped a mile high. Matt got up and checked everything out with lights and came back assuring me all was fine. He pulled me up close and held me tight and once again …
All Is Right In My Lil’ World!!!

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