Messed Up Week

There has been so much going on this week. On Saturday, I discovered the reason for my depression getting worse is that I haven’t been nursing Gavin for two weeks, almost three now. I still have some milk but not much so I called a nursing consultant to see what they could suggest and did some research on my own on natural options. I found a couple things that are supposed to work. I have added fenugreek twice a day and will start working on pumping every couple hours, starting tomorrow, to get my supply back up. I had to fight WIC to get the pump in the first place but God opened that door for me. I know stimulation is the key, and since I can’t get Gavin to latch on I really need to stay on top of that part. If after a week of pumping and taking the fenugreek my supply is not where I would like it to be I am going to go to the doctor to see if there is something they can give me to help out. I think the OB/GYN is the right place to go so that is where I am going to head if this doesn’t work.
On Sunday, we signed the lease and then went to a meeting with our Pastors and got some news that caught us by surprise. It wasn’t good news but it is such a personal thing that we have decided not to share more then the fact that it totally threw us in a direction we were not really ready to go just yet but we knew we needed to go there. I am kind of grateful for the discussion but at the same time I wish we could have dealt with this issue between us. Guess that should teach me to share things with people. 
Monday was fairly quiet, I spent the day absorbing the stuff that happened on Sunday and figuring out what to do with the remaining pieces of my life. I also spent the day setting up the transfers of services like the phone company, gas company, power company, and confirmed the U-haul reservations. 
Tuesday was SaveOne with a friend and Step-study. A friend came over and spent the night with us to help pack up the next day. I think for the most part Tuesday was uneventful. 
Wednesday brought Gavin’s GI appointment. The doctor put him on miralax and ordered the barium test just to be sure there wasn’t something more than normal constipation issues going on. After that we stopped at WIC to pick up the electric breast pump, which did not go very smoothly. I did get the pump finally but when I went to start the truck it wouldn’t start. I forgot a bottle for Gavin in my hurry to get out the door for his appointment and he was getting very hungry. I called roadside and they said it was going to be 45 minutes. Thankfully God provided a nice couple in the parking lot that gave us a jump. I headed over to auto zone to get the battery tested and sure enough it was bad. So I replaced that and then headed home for an afternoon of packing the house for the move.
Thursday we moved back to a place where we feel safe. We are in a complex that is gated, it has 24/7 security, and we activated the ADT system that is installed in our house. It took all day to move but it probably would have taken so much longer if we had not had hired a couple guys from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. It took them 7 hours and two trips to get everything from one place to another. Now one might think this was an easy day for us since we hired some guys to help … Oh no … 
  1. The phone company came out, installed our new TV stuff and not 3 hours later the DVR box broke (and it still isn’t fixed!)
  2. The Gas company didn’t get here until 4:30pm and our heat is gas/water powered so Gavin and I spent the day in the house at 66 degrees. (At least I have a space heater so Gavin’s room could be warm!)
  3. We hit the Carport with the U-haul (Thankfully my auto policy will cover that!)
So that brings me to today, Friday! I got up this morning to see that the heater was not working. It was 68 degrees in the house, even though the heater had been set to 74 all night, so Matt called the landlord. He called his handyman guy and that has been fixed now. It’s still a bit chilly in the house but I can’t afford to make it warmer. The ADT guy showed up, got the system working and left. The stupid phone company screwed up and sent the repair tech to the old house instead of the new house and so as stated above, I still don’t have TV in my living room! With everything going on we are just so worn out so we didn’t make it to Chip Night at CR. Oh Well … neither of us were up for a chip this month anyway. Gavin finally went to sleep so we stayed home for him and us. 

We Move Soon!

Thursday is moving day for us … We are moving back to the side of town we feel safe in. The new house has brand new carpet, 24 hour a day 7 day a week security, its a gated community, a pool, on-site gym, clubhouse and my personal favorite a ADT alarm system. Yes … that means no one will ever break into my house without me knowing now instantly. Its on the second floor as well so that should help but I think the alarm system will help me settle in better. I am so ready to feel safe in my home again.