So Much To Do

Now that we are totally out of the old house we have to start unpacking the new one. There are boxes everywhere, clothes need to be put in the closet, food in boxes that needs to be put in the cupboards. There is still a load of stuff in the truck. It is going to take a lot of work to get things straightened out here, but it can be done!!
On another note, Since the move is done I can now concentrate on getting Gavin back to nursing. We have made progress … Today we Started feeding 6oz bottles next to the uncovered breast so he can associate food with breast and then once the bottle is gone I work on getting him to latch on. He fusses and screams for a few but I calm him with lots of shushing and other comforting things. I can get him to allow the nipple to stay in his mouth! One small step in the larger picture!!!
OMG … as I write this one handed he is actually trying to nurse … YAY!!! He suckled for a few seconds and that my friends is real progress!!!

2 thoughts on “So Much To Do

  1. Oh gosh, good luck with all that unpacking! Took us more than a month (cause we still aren't truly done).

    Yay! yay! yay! for Gavin nursing, or sorta kinda nursing! So exciting!

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