Women of Faith Weekend

I went to Women of Faith this weekend and it was awesome. There were several awesome speakers there including Patsy Clairmont, Andy Andrews, Lisa Whelchel, Brenda Warner, and Marilyn Meberg.

There were several things they said that caught my attention. I posted some of them on my Facebook page and others I just wrote down. Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Opinions set us up to be judges” – Patsy Clairmont
  • “Sarcasm is anger gone underground and comes back up as a clown” – Patsy Clairmont
  • “God’s Principles work EVERY single time.” – Andy Andrews
  • When I make a mistake “I’m sorry” covers it but when I make a choice only “Will you forgive me?” will press the ‘Reset’ button! – Andy Andrews
  • “Smile while you talk!” – Andy Andrews
  • “My circumstances do not determine who I am!” – Brenda Warner
  • “NORMAL is just a setting on your dryer” – Patsy Clairmont
  • “A true friend accepts you for who you are, NOT who they want you to be.” – Lisa Whelchel
  • “Everything we do matters” – Andy Andrews
Then there were a couple performances by Deborah Joy Winans that were just amazing and one of them moved me to tears!!! It was the story found in John 8 of the woman who was caught in adultery. It was so powerful to hear it the way she portrayed it. I wish I could watch that performance again and again. She was so amazing!!! 
Mandisa was also there and she gave a couple awesome performances and told her powerful testimony about loosing 100 lbs. She performed her newest hit “Stronger”and even took on Mary Mary’s song “Shackles (Praise You)”
My heart goes out to Amy Grant, who was supposed to be there but was unable to come as her mom was ill and sadly passed away on Saturday morning. I have prayed for her family to celebrate her life and remember that she is Home with Christ now.

I got four books; Tell me Everything by Marilyn Meberg, The Final Summit by Andy Andrews, Friendship for Grown-Ups by Lisa Whelchel, & Kaleidoscope by Patsy Clairmont; a WoF bracelet, a Green WoF Totebag, coffee mug (for my sister), and two CD’s; Mandisa’s “What If We Were Real” & Amy Grant’s “Somewhere Down the Road” all for $95. I also got a WoF T-Shirt for free!!!

It was an Awesome Weekend!!!