Almost Fooled

Recently I have been interacting with a girl through Cafemom, on the phone and via text & yahoo messenger. At first it seemed real and things were pretty cool. She was a sweet girl and I really liked talking to her. She said at some point that she was in a high risk pregnancy so she really didn’t have much to do. Then the pieces started to not fit. I stared to get suspicious of the things that were going on. She said she was married and also had friends/helpers there all day to help her.
During phone calls, I would assume that our conversations would have some kind of noise in the background but I would never hear anything in the background even when someone was supposedly around. Her husband was a teacher so he would be home at night right?
One of the other things that didn’t add up was that she never really knew how far along she was in her pregnancy. First is was 11 weeks, then 2 weeks later it was 18 weeks and three weeks later it was 24 weeks. That just doesn’t add up.
At one point she was supposedly in an impatient mental facility but was able to text, or call me every day. She even had access to a computer. She was in for three weeks. I have spent time in a mental hospital and they wouldn’t let me have my cell phone, a computer or for that matter they wouldn’t even let me have my favorite teddy bear. They said that anything that could be a weapon was not allowed on the floor. 
In the last couple weeks she has supposedly been in the hospital. I would get text updates on her condition from her husband but when we would ask him to call there was always an excuse. The texts were not just “hey, she is not doing well her BP was still low and baby still isn’t doing well,” they would sometimes last for an hour or more. My theory is that if you have time to text you have time to make a two minute phone call. Her husband, if she has one, would never call. We got suspicious and when we started asking questions I wouldn’t get any texts for a few days. That just made us more so! I did get a couple phone calls from her while she was “in the hospital” and she didn’t sound sick or upset or anything, she seemed as normal as can be. I also wouldn’t hear anything in the background and there is always, noise in a hospital even if its just a page over the little speakers in the room. If I were in the hospital and I was pregnant I certainly would not be my cheery self, especially if my baby was going into distress. I would be freaking out!!! 
I know for a fact that when blood pressure is low the last thing a person wants to do is talk. She said it took them two weeks to find a heart murmur and that was the reason for her blood pressure being so low. If there is anything I know about blood pressure and heart issues its that if its too high or too low they do an EKG immediately. Then if that doesn’t show anything they will do a ultrasound or CT of the heart. I have been through this with Matt! So all that to say that they would have found the murmur right away. Also murmurs have a major swooshing sound when you listen to the heart, if its an actual hole in the heart it would be a pretty obvious thing to a trained nurse or doctor. I know that because my middle child has an innocent murmur. I am pretty sure he has outgrown it now though.
So all that to say that I almost got fooled into believing her wonky story and sadly that adds to my trust issues. I am just glad I didn’t let this get too far into my heart!!!

One thought on “Almost Fooled

  1. It's good you were able to see through her and realize that much of what she was saying wasn't adding up. I can definitely see how that would add to your trust issues, and it's sad that people can't be more trustworthy.



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