My Mom

Since hubby’s surgery I have had this awful feeling that something was wrong in my family someplace but I just didn’t know who…. So anyway I got a text at 11 last night asking if I was still awake from my mom. It was 1 am her time so I knew it was important. So of course I answered that I was and asked what was going on? Next thing i know my phone is ringing … that means its not something she would say in a text message and that means its pretty bad.
Well the news was definitely NOT good… She proceeded to tell me that she had slipped on the ice walking home last night and could not feel her legs so they called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Once there they did x-rays and lab work…. They found degenerative disks in her back and kidney failure…. I’m not sure what phase she is in but I am going to get the exact lab tests that were bad and talk to my Dr. about them so I can help her get some answers. She still couldn’t feel her legs completely when they discharged her from the hospital. I have no idea why they didn’t keep her until her legs returned to normal but they didn’t. She fell 13 feet at work about 10 years ago which caused damage to her back in the first place but she may be able to go back for more damages.
She has no medical insurance so she has no way of getting treatment without a miracle. Please pray that God reverses the failure and directs her towards help for her addiction to alcohol and gets her a good insurance so that she can get REAL pain management help. It just feels so unfair that she is going through all this …