Much to Say & My Colorado Vacation

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have been a busy mommy and wife. I have been trying harder to be the wife and mom God has called me to be and I am getting better every day. Working on this goal has kept me away from this blog and the computer in general. I really need to learn to take time for all the things I want to do and the things my family needs from me. Balance is key and I need to learn to balance things better!
As for Matt … He is doing so well since his gastric bypass. He’s lost about 100lbs already. He looks better and much healthier than before. I am really very proud of him and all he is accomplishing with his weight loss. 
Then there is my precious almost 2 year old Gavin … My oh My … where has the time gone. It seems as though he was just born yesterday and here he is already turning two!!! His health is in tact and things are going well for him which makes my life easy!
In other news … we made a trip last weekend to see my mom in Colorado. It was the best trip I have taken in a long time. My mom was a blast! We got there at like 2 am on Friday and tried to get Gavin to sleep but he was up until 6 am! He slept for a couple hours after that and then was okay for a while. 
We went to the The Great Sand Dunes for the afternoon. Gavin had a blast! It was so funny to watch him try to walk in the sand. In fact I’ll put a little video here too!!! 
We went to dinner at a place called The Shaft and that’s what we got … shafted! The food and service were crummy and the prices made it all worse! We won’t be going back there any time soon.
Saturday we went to the “Covered Wagon Days” Parade. It’s a local parade to celebrate the towns history. Then we walked to the park for hot dogs and hamburgers. Gavin and Grandma got to play and have lots of fun! Unfortunately Gavin got tired and it was time for him to get some rest so we didn’t get to hang out at the park long. We headed back to the cabin we were staying in for his nap. 
That afternoon I got to go for a ride on mom’s new bike. She came to the cabin and we hopped on the bike for a fun ride up to the ski area and back. We were supposed to go all the way up to Papa’s cross but we weren’t able to get there because the bike didn’t want to behave. Mom said it needs a tune up!
When we got back to the cabin we sat and chatted for a while waiting for Gavin to wake up from his nap. When he did we all took turns keeping him on the porch of the cabin. Once Grandpa arrived we went out to dinner at Blue Creek Lodge. The dinner was awesome and so was the service!
Sunday we decided to take a ride to Pagosa Springs and get an ice cream from the malt shoppe. We stopped several times to see different sights that are of interest when you have never been there. Matt had a blast taking pictures of all the scenery. We stopped at Treasure Falls and the Great Divide. We also stopped at Papa’s cross since I had not yet been able to see it. 
When we got back to our cabin Matt put Gavin down for a nap and mom and I went to bingo. Sadly we both got close on several games but never won. The progressive was over $1000 and I was 2 numbers away from winning when “B-6” made it go out. The worst part is that the next two numbers were the numbers I needed. I could have won that game but that “B-6” killed me. After bingo everyone met up at moms house and we went out to dinner. This time we went to a place called The Silver Fork. It was a really nice place and the server was awesome but most of the food wasn’t cooked right. Matt and Gavin were the only two that seemed to make it out okay on that one… I ended up taking my food back to the cabin because Gavin was getting really fussy since he was bored. We all talked and hung out for a little while and then mom and Randy went back to her house so we could put Gavin to bed for the night. 
Monday was the last day of our vacation. We went to Wal-mart so mom could get pictures off my camera and some of the pictures from the flash drive of our professional photographer Mandy. We bought some DVD’s and a DVD player and split the cost with mom so that Gavin would be entertained on the way home. We also bought a new doodle pad for him to play with and he is still enjoying that here at home. We hung out at moms house for a little while and then got on the road and headed home!

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