A Lost Son


Only you know the details of the accident that took my husband’s son from this earth. Today will be a rough day full of emotions and pain. Daddy I ask that you cover my husband in a thick blanket of love. I pray that he will feel your spirit surrounding him all through the next few days as he says goodbye to his baby boy. I can’t imagine the pain he is in but Daddy I know you can. You sent your son to die a brutal death for us so that we may come to know you. Daddy I pray that his son is resting with you now and that you just give him the biggest homecoming party ever seen.

Daddy I ask for traveling mercies as we drive, fly, ride a train, catch a cab or any other mode of transportation we might use. I ask that the rental car company will find in our favor and we will be able to do what we would like as we need to. I also ask that the money we have will be enough and even more abundant than we could ask for.

Daddy, when the time comes I pray favor over the family as they gather. I can only hope and ask that they would bond together in this awful time of mourning and loss. I pray that everyone will be cordial and courteous to one another instead of bickering over things that can’t be changed.

In Jesus Name,



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