Fire Institute

Oh Daddy, I don’t know what to do, I want to do the class but I’m not sure if it would really be the best thing for my family. My husband doesn’t like the requirements of the class. The requirements are: 

  1. No TV/Radio – Basically unless its news or spiritual only! 
  2. No Sugar
  3. Fasting Once a Week 
  4. 1 Hour of Prayer a Day
    1. Pick a Person to Intercede For
    2. Pray for Spiritual Gift
    3. Pray for My Ministry in the Church
  5. Memorize 3 verses from the New Testament of the Week 
  6. Faith Builder Book Report (2 pgs. every other week) 
  7. New Testament Book Report (2 pgs. every week) 
  8. Sit in Front Two Rows
  9. Sermon Notes (Every week)
  10. Class Notes (Every week) 

I know I can handle most of these requirements. I worry about the Fasting and the TV thing the most because I know that it may cause tension between myself and my husband. He likes to watch TV as does my son. I don’t always agree with the choices that he makes. I know that you are working on his heart about those choices Father, I know I need to be patient and I am working on that ever so much. I need your help waiting for him to make the right choices. I want Gavin to grow up knowing what is okay to watch and what isn’t okay to watch. I don’t want him to think it is okay to cuss and treat people like they are lower than him. I want him to know you so deeply that he doesn’t want to fill his heart with anything but you. I want that for my husband too. I want them to love you with everything they are.  I want them to be Saved and Filled with the Holy Spirit and have evidence of it with the speaking in tongues!!! Father please give my husband the unending desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit!!! I know he feels the urge but I believe that his desire to be filled just doesn’t seem to be there! Father I need him on the same level as me so that we can begin to function as a family even better than we are now. 

I need the ability to know when to say something and when to just keep my mouth shut. I need your help and guidance! I know that the Holy Spirit has been helping me already and I know that you are walking with me. I know that you are filling me up daily so that I may pour it out unto others.

Father there is the burden of families on my heart and I think it goes along with the ministry you have called me to do here in Del Norte. I know that you are guiding me and helping me grow to be the woman, wife, mom, daughter & friend that you want me to be. My heart is still so guarded because of all the hurt that I have endured and the inability to forgive myself for the things I have done to others. Even when I have made amends it seems that there still is no forgiveness. I need your help in breaking these walls down. I don’t want to try to protect myself by building walls. I want to be open and loving and always able to feel your presence in my life. I want that presence in my home, car, when I am talking to others, walking or playing in the park. Father, I want it to follow me wherever I go and be so strong that others feel your presence too. I want them to ask me what it is that is different about me so that I may share you with them! 

I love you Jesus!!!