Standing In The Gap

So recently my son has been having some health issues and sleep problems have followed. I have finally had enough of the enemy attacking my baby! It is time for me to stand in the gap for him!!! He needs training in how to reach out to the Almighty God and it is my job as his mother to teach him how to do that. I will be teaching him some verses so that he is no longer afraid. In the mean time I will be praying and playing praise music in his room everyday!

As far as his health, He has had a rash for over 6 weeks now and we are working with both doctors and praying for his health. They are not sure but suspect some kind of allergy … Most likely peanuts.

The spiritual attack is more severe. The last couple days he has woken up between 12-1 am screaming and bolting out of his room shaking like crazy. I can feel the enemy trying to invade his room and I have been rebuking him in Jesus name every time I go into his room. The Pastors are supposed to come anoint his room and pray with us.

Do you have any verses you have taught your children for when they are scared? Would you share them or any other tips you have with me in the comments?