Denver Trip

So we went to Denver this week to see two different doctors. On the way up there we ran into ice on the mountain pass but otherwise had a pretty uneventful drive except a rock messed up my new windshield. Thank God for $0 deductible on my insurance for a quick and free repair. We were even blessed with a Christian company that repaired it!!! They came to us and fixed it at the hotel that same night!

Anyway Gavin played with his kindle the whole way up there and never even complained. We checked into the hotel got changed out of our traveling clothes and headed for Wal-Mart to get the candy for the kids at the Children’s Hospital. We were going to hand it out ourselves but they wouldn’t allow it so we took it to the volunteers so they could hand it out for us. Gavin gave the nice lady the bag and chose one little bag for himself.

Once we were done giving the candy to the volunteers office we headed for his dermatology appointment on a different floor. They looked at the rash on his stomach and the pictures I had of previous episodes. They decided it was eczema and said it was likely triggered by an allergy. They gave him another new ointment called Synalar to try and we are working on using that now instead of the other steroid creams we were using. They also upped his night time allergy medicine called Atarax.

After we were done with the visit we went back to the hotel. We had planned to go to a little Mexican place right by the hotel but I wasn’t feeling well so we just ordered pizza, cheese bread and boneless wings from Domino’s. We stayed in all night and I fell asleep before 9 pm.

The next morning we went to the breakfast provided by the hotel. We ate and then went back to our room to get ready for the next appointment. We packed everything up and loaded up the car. We headed to the doctor fora 2 hour long appointment. They did a 21 point scratch test and we found out he is allergic to Cats, Cat Pelt, Dogs, Weed Pollen and Sesame (Tahini). After his appointment we got in the car and headed home!


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