Denver Trip

So we went to Denver this week to see two different doctors. On the way up there we ran into ice on the mountain pass but otherwise had a pretty uneventful drive except a rock messed up my new windshield. Thank God for $0 deductible on my insurance for a quick and free repair. We were even blessed with a Christian company that repaired it!!! They came to us and fixed it at the hotel that same night!

Anyway Gavin played with his kindle the whole way up there and never even complained. We checked into the hotel got changed out of our traveling clothes and headed for Wal-Mart to get the candy for the kids at the Children’s Hospital. We were going to hand it out ourselves but they wouldn’t allow it so we took it to the volunteers so they could hand it out for us. Gavin gave the nice lady the bag and chose one little bag for himself.

Once we were done giving the candy to the volunteers office we headed for his dermatology appointment on a different floor. They looked at the rash on his stomach and the pictures I had of previous episodes. They decided it was eczema and said it was likely triggered by an allergy. They gave him another new ointment called Synalar to try and we are working on using that now instead of the other steroid creams we were using. They also upped his night time allergy medicine called Atarax.

After we were done with the visit we went back to the hotel. We had planned to go to a little Mexican place right by the hotel but I wasn’t feeling well so we just ordered pizza, cheese bread and boneless wings from Domino’s. We stayed in all night and I fell asleep before 9 pm.

The next morning we went to the breakfast provided by the hotel. We ate and then went back to our room to get ready for the next appointment. We packed everything up and loaded up the car. We headed to the doctor fora 2 hour long appointment. They did a 21 point scratch test and we found out he is allergic to Cats, Cat Pelt, Dogs, Weed Pollen and Sesame (Tahini). After his appointment we got in the car and headed home!


Standing In The Gap

So recently my son has been having some health issues and sleep problems have followed. I have finally had enough of the enemy attacking my baby! It is time for me to stand in the gap for him!!! He needs training in how to reach out to the Almighty God and it is my job as his mother to teach him how to do that. I will be teaching him some verses so that he is no longer afraid. In the mean time I will be praying and playing praise music in his room everyday!

As far as his health, He has had a rash for over 6 weeks now and we are working with both doctors and praying for his health. They are not sure but suspect some kind of allergy … Most likely peanuts.

The spiritual attack is more severe. The last couple days he has woken up between 12-1 am screaming and bolting out of his room shaking like crazy. I can feel the enemy trying to invade his room and I have been rebuking him in Jesus name every time I go into his room. The Pastors are supposed to come anoint his room and pray with us.

Do you have any verses you have taught your children for when they are scared? Would you share them or any other tips you have with me in the comments?

Fire Institute

Oh Daddy, I don’t know what to do, I want to do the class but I’m not sure if it would really be the best thing for my family. My husband doesn’t like the requirements of the class. The requirements are: 

  1. No TV/Radio – Basically unless its news or spiritual only! 
  2. No Sugar
  3. Fasting Once a Week 
  4. 1 Hour of Prayer a Day
    1. Pick a Person to Intercede For
    2. Pray for Spiritual Gift
    3. Pray for My Ministry in the Church
  5. Memorize 3 verses from the New Testament of the Week 
  6. Faith Builder Book Report (2 pgs. every other week) 
  7. New Testament Book Report (2 pgs. every week) 
  8. Sit in Front Two Rows
  9. Sermon Notes (Every week)
  10. Class Notes (Every week) 

I know I can handle most of these requirements. I worry about the Fasting and the TV thing the most because I know that it may cause tension between myself and my husband. He likes to watch TV as does my son. I don’t always agree with the choices that he makes. I know that you are working on his heart about those choices Father, I know I need to be patient and I am working on that ever so much. I need your help waiting for him to make the right choices. I want Gavin to grow up knowing what is okay to watch and what isn’t okay to watch. I don’t want him to think it is okay to cuss and treat people like they are lower than him. I want him to know you so deeply that he doesn’t want to fill his heart with anything but you. I want that for my husband too. I want them to love you with everything they are.  I want them to be Saved and Filled with the Holy Spirit and have evidence of it with the speaking in tongues!!! Father please give my husband the unending desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit!!! I know he feels the urge but I believe that his desire to be filled just doesn’t seem to be there! Father I need him on the same level as me so that we can begin to function as a family even better than we are now. 

I need the ability to know when to say something and when to just keep my mouth shut. I need your help and guidance! I know that the Holy Spirit has been helping me already and I know that you are walking with me. I know that you are filling me up daily so that I may pour it out unto others.

Father there is the burden of families on my heart and I think it goes along with the ministry you have called me to do here in Del Norte. I know that you are guiding me and helping me grow to be the woman, wife, mom, daughter & friend that you want me to be. My heart is still so guarded because of all the hurt that I have endured and the inability to forgive myself for the things I have done to others. Even when I have made amends it seems that there still is no forgiveness. I need your help in breaking these walls down. I don’t want to try to protect myself by building walls. I want to be open and loving and always able to feel your presence in my life. I want that presence in my home, car, when I am talking to others, walking or playing in the park. Father, I want it to follow me wherever I go and be so strong that others feel your presence too. I want them to ask me what it is that is different about me so that I may share you with them! 

I love you Jesus!!! 


A Lost Son


Only you know the details of the accident that took my husband’s son from this earth. Today will be a rough day full of emotions and pain. Daddy I ask that you cover my husband in a thick blanket of love. I pray that he will feel your spirit surrounding him all through the next few days as he says goodbye to his baby boy. I can’t imagine the pain he is in but Daddy I know you can. You sent your son to die a brutal death for us so that we may come to know you. Daddy I pray that his son is resting with you now and that you just give him the biggest homecoming party ever seen.

Daddy I ask for traveling mercies as we drive, fly, ride a train, catch a cab or any other mode of transportation we might use. I ask that the rental car company will find in our favor and we will be able to do what we would like as we need to. I also ask that the money we have will be enough and even more abundant than we could ask for.

Daddy, when the time comes I pray favor over the family as they gather. I can only hope and ask that they would bond together in this awful time of mourning and loss. I pray that everyone will be cordial and courteous to one another instead of bickering over things that can’t be changed.

In Jesus Name,


Much to Say & My Colorado Vacation

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have been a busy mommy and wife. I have been trying harder to be the wife and mom God has called me to be and I am getting better every day. Working on this goal has kept me away from this blog and the computer in general. I really need to learn to take time for all the things I want to do and the things my family needs from me. Balance is key and I need to learn to balance things better!
As for Matt … He is doing so well since his gastric bypass. He’s lost about 100lbs already. He looks better and much healthier than before. I am really very proud of him and all he is accomplishing with his weight loss. 
Then there is my precious almost 2 year old Gavin … My oh My … where has the time gone. It seems as though he was just born yesterday and here he is already turning two!!! His health is in tact and things are going well for him which makes my life easy!
In other news … we made a trip last weekend to see my mom in Colorado. It was the best trip I have taken in a long time. My mom was a blast! We got there at like 2 am on Friday and tried to get Gavin to sleep but he was up until 6 am! He slept for a couple hours after that and then was okay for a while. 
We went to the The Great Sand Dunes for the afternoon. Gavin had a blast! It was so funny to watch him try to walk in the sand. In fact I’ll put a little video here too!!! 
We went to dinner at a place called The Shaft and that’s what we got … shafted! The food and service were crummy and the prices made it all worse! We won’t be going back there any time soon.
Saturday we went to the “Covered Wagon Days” Parade. It’s a local parade to celebrate the towns history. Then we walked to the park for hot dogs and hamburgers. Gavin and Grandma got to play and have lots of fun! Unfortunately Gavin got tired and it was time for him to get some rest so we didn’t get to hang out at the park long. We headed back to the cabin we were staying in for his nap. 
That afternoon I got to go for a ride on mom’s new bike. She came to the cabin and we hopped on the bike for a fun ride up to the ski area and back. We were supposed to go all the way up to Papa’s cross but we weren’t able to get there because the bike didn’t want to behave. Mom said it needs a tune up!
When we got back to the cabin we sat and chatted for a while waiting for Gavin to wake up from his nap. When he did we all took turns keeping him on the porch of the cabin. Once Grandpa arrived we went out to dinner at Blue Creek Lodge. The dinner was awesome and so was the service!
Sunday we decided to take a ride to Pagosa Springs and get an ice cream from the malt shoppe. We stopped several times to see different sights that are of interest when you have never been there. Matt had a blast taking pictures of all the scenery. We stopped at Treasure Falls and the Great Divide. We also stopped at Papa’s cross since I had not yet been able to see it. 
When we got back to our cabin Matt put Gavin down for a nap and mom and I went to bingo. Sadly we both got close on several games but never won. The progressive was over $1000 and I was 2 numbers away from winning when “B-6” made it go out. The worst part is that the next two numbers were the numbers I needed. I could have won that game but that “B-6” killed me. After bingo everyone met up at moms house and we went out to dinner. This time we went to a place called The Silver Fork. It was a really nice place and the server was awesome but most of the food wasn’t cooked right. Matt and Gavin were the only two that seemed to make it out okay on that one… I ended up taking my food back to the cabin because Gavin was getting really fussy since he was bored. We all talked and hung out for a little while and then mom and Randy went back to her house so we could put Gavin to bed for the night. 
Monday was the last day of our vacation. We went to Wal-mart so mom could get pictures off my camera and some of the pictures from the flash drive of our professional photographer Mandy. We bought some DVD’s and a DVD player and split the cost with mom so that Gavin would be entertained on the way home. We also bought a new doodle pad for him to play with and he is still enjoying that here at home. We hung out at moms house for a little while and then got on the road and headed home!

My Mom

Since hubby’s surgery I have had this awful feeling that something was wrong in my family someplace but I just didn’t know who…. So anyway I got a text at 11 last night asking if I was still awake from my mom. It was 1 am her time so I knew it was important. So of course I answered that I was and asked what was going on? Next thing i know my phone is ringing … that means its not something she would say in a text message and that means its pretty bad.
Well the news was definitely NOT good… She proceeded to tell me that she had slipped on the ice walking home last night and could not feel her legs so they called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Once there they did x-rays and lab work…. They found degenerative disks in her back and kidney failure…. I’m not sure what phase she is in but I am going to get the exact lab tests that were bad and talk to my Dr. about them so I can help her get some answers. She still couldn’t feel her legs completely when they discharged her from the hospital. I have no idea why they didn’t keep her until her legs returned to normal but they didn’t. She fell 13 feet at work about 10 years ago which caused damage to her back in the first place but she may be able to go back for more damages.
She has no medical insurance so she has no way of getting treatment without a miracle. Please pray that God reverses the failure and directs her towards help for her addiction to alcohol and gets her a good insurance so that she can get REAL pain management help. It just feels so unfair that she is going through all this …

What Should I Do?

The last few weeks have been crazy here. There is a girl that watches my son every couple weeks on the weekend. She is 13 and her mom supervises her because she has a lot to learn before doing it alone. I love this girl so much and I see so much of me in her. 
The problem is that I see a myriad of emotional abuse towards this girl going on when we are at her house. The adults living there constantly drag her down in front of people. She is so upset with how things are going in her home that she constantly wants to stay at my house or run away. For a while she wanted to get pregnant because, in my opinion, she wanted someone to love her unconditionally. She makes mistakes just like any other teen and while I agree that there needs to be discipline for these mistakes what I see is not discipline. It’s abuse!
I want to report the situation to the authorities but I’m afraid it will make the environment worse for her because they may not put her someplace else. I would adopt her if we had the ability to take care of another person. I want better for her but I also don’t want to loose her. She is such a sweet girl and she just needs to be loved. They say they do what they do because they love her but I really don’t see that as love. When I am around her house I can feel the negative energy.  
What oh what do I do???