Unspoken Prayer Request


I come to you to night for my dear friend A. I don’t know what is going on in her life right now that needs coverage in prayer but you do. I ask that you cover her in your peace and love as she deals with whatever is going on. I ask that whatever your will is be done in this situation. I bind and cast the devil out of the situation and claim victory and restoration for the situation. I know she will follow your will and your direction even if it’s not what she wants. I ask that you give her the strength and courage that she needs in this situation. I pray that there is at least one other person that can pray specifics with her and help her in this situation. Lord it’s hard to know what to say when I don’t know anymore than an unspoken request. I stand by my friend tonight and pray that whatever your will is that it be done. I will support her in any way that I can.

In Jesus Name,



Standing In The Gap

So recently my son has been having some health issues and sleep problems have followed. I have finally had enough of the enemy attacking my baby! It is time for me to stand in the gap for him!!! He needs training in how to reach out to the Almighty God and it is my job as his mother to teach him how to do that. I will be teaching him some verses so that he is no longer afraid. In the mean time I will be praying and playing praise music in his room everyday!

As far as his health, He has had a rash for over 6 weeks now and we are working with both doctors and praying for his health. They are not sure but suspect some kind of allergy … Most likely peanuts.

The spiritual attack is more severe. The last couple days he has woken up between 12-1 am screaming and bolting out of his room shaking like crazy. I can feel the enemy trying to invade his room and I have been rebuking him in Jesus name every time I go into his room. The Pastors are supposed to come anoint his room and pray with us.

Do you have any verses you have taught your children for when they are scared? Would you share them or any other tips you have with me in the comments?

A Lost Son


Only you know the details of the accident that took my husband’s son from this earth. Today will be a rough day full of emotions and pain. Daddy I ask that you cover my husband in a thick blanket of love. I pray that he will feel your spirit surrounding him all through the next few days as he says goodbye to his baby boy. I can’t imagine the pain he is in but Daddy I know you can. You sent your son to die a brutal death for us so that we may come to know you. Daddy I pray that his son is resting with you now and that you just give him the biggest homecoming party ever seen.

Daddy I ask for traveling mercies as we drive, fly, ride a train, catch a cab or any other mode of transportation we might use. I ask that the rental car company will find in our favor and we will be able to do what we would like as we need to. I also ask that the money we have will be enough and even more abundant than we could ask for.

Daddy, when the time comes I pray favor over the family as they gather. I can only hope and ask that they would bond together in this awful time of mourning and loss. I pray that everyone will be cordial and courteous to one another instead of bickering over things that can’t be changed.

In Jesus Name,


For A Suffering Family


I bring you a family that is dealing with things no family should have to deal with. I lift up the whole family Lord as they face this trial and the stumbling blocks that the enemy is trying to put in their path. Lord I ask you to first intervene in the trial of the husband. Lord even though there are transgressions against his wife Lord I ask that you bring to light NEW evidence of his innocence! Lord you know the truth of what happened and I know that you have the power to intervene so today I stand on your word and claim your promises for this family! I bind and cast the enemy and his tricks to the pits of hell with the blood of Jesus on them so that they may never be able to return to this family.

Daddy, your precious little boy, God they made him register as a sex offender. Father I ask that you find some way to remove this life long stigma from his life. I loose the bondage that the enemy is trying to hold him in and I cast it in to the pits of hell with the blood of Jesus on it!!! Father he is a precious little boy that deserves to experience life to the fullest. I claim his freedom in the Name Of Jesus!!!

I lift the Mom in this situation. Daddy she needs you and your strength to fight for her family. Lord I know she must be tired. Send her the help and love and support that she needs at the exact time she needs it! Father if its a sitter so she can take a break, then Daddy I ask that that sitter just knock on her door. If she needs an extra hand with food or expenses I claim that for her in this moment. Lord let Your blessings fall on her!!! I also Bind and cast out any thing that does not allow her to enter into your manifest presence. I cast it into the pits of hell with the blood of Your Son, Jesus, on it so that it may never come against her again!!!

In Jesus Name,