Touch Deprivation – Sermon by Johnny Carroll

What a wonderful sermon on allowing God’s touch in our lives… Take a few moments and listen to this one! It really helped me see where I need to make changes!

Touch Deprivation – Pastor Johnny Carroll

I will be adding my notes to this post in the next few days when I have the chance to take notes on it… Check back for an update with a link for my notes!

My Notes


Sermon Series Coming Up!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of my favorite sermons from both my church and some of my friends churches. I will be adding one each week sometime between Monday & Thursday in the morning. I hope to have notes for them on Friday afternoons. I will be choosing things to quote and also making note of any scriptures that are referenced. Feel free to add anything you caught in the comments section of the sermon notes post! I look forward to seeing what you catch or find interesting!

These sermons will be linked via my sound cloud account since I can’t upload them directly to the blog at this time. I feel like it is more than time to find a way to spread God’s word throughout the world!